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How to design a house

How to design a house: entrusted to a professional

Knowing how to design a home is not an easy task for an engineer, for an architect or a designer.

Many variations have to be taken into account to understand how to design a house in the best way. It is also necessary to assess the place where it will be erected the house and the customer's needs.

To understand how to design a house for one person is very important to listen to its needs and its indications.

how to design a house

how to design a house

What are some of the regulations in force?

For example, the size of the premises must have a precise size as needed and to comply with all regulations currently in force.

The residential buildings, that include homes built with the contribution of the State must to have these features:

  • Maximum Virtual Height 4,5 meters. The calculation is made by dividing the full to empty Total cubic meters of the building and summing the votes of housing surfaces.
  • The clear height of housing, measured between the ceiling and floor should not be greater than 2.70 meters, although there are exceptions.

For when it concerns the residential building that has contributions from the state, It has other regulations to be respected. These regulations are:

  • In the house they must necessarily be installed toilets and in buildings must be made of the stairs, especially in unventilated.
  • – The clear height in residential areas (distance between the floor and ceiling) it must be 2.70 meters, while the ancillary rooms height 2.40 meters is accepted. Again there can be exceptions to this rule.

All the people who work designing houses (or surveyors, architects and engineers) They must undergo a series of regulations and municipal regulations nature, regional and state.

How to design a house, regulations and their application.

It is often difficult to understand how to design a house, regulations are often in contrast with each other and then applies a precise rule: national rules prevail over the provisions of the Building Regulations.

how to design a house

how to design a house

These standards, and their application, must not lead to an increase in population density.

In summary, it puts a brake to the wild constructions without any type of regulation that have made the fortune unauthorized building of recent years.

The arrangement just listed should not apply if the construction project is only meant to retrieve an already existing buildings, ie in case of a renovation of a house.

So know how to design a home is an extremely delicate task, It must be able to adhere to a long series of regulations, laws and loopholes.

The house is a very important asset for a person and therefore rely on competent people able to do their job is the best thing to do to have a safe home.

How to design a house: what you need to know before you start.
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How to design a house: what you need to know before you start.
How to design a house: all you need to know before starting a renovation. Ask for advice for the construction of your house.
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